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1. Is it possible to cook in large quantities and standardized?

2, whether or not human, reduce kitchen staff?

3. Is it possible to save space?

4. Does it save energy and reduce the cost of operation?

5. Is it safe and hygienic?

6. Is it convenient to clean?

Recommendation of universal steamed oven products

The advantages of universal baking oven are: 1. Standardization; 2. Large quantities; 3. One machine is multi-purpose; 4. Save manpower; save time; save space;

Dishwasher product recommendation

The advantages of dishwasher: (1) improving the washing speed; 2. Reducing the breakage of the tableware and reducing the loss; 3. Save labor; reduce the labor intensity and improve the working environment; 5. Save water; 6. Speed up the turnover of tableware; and ensure health safety.

Combined furnace product recommendation

Combination furnace advantages: (1) beautiful and generous; (2) food grade stainless steel material, safety and hygiene; 3. Unified layout, save space; 4. Save energy; simple operation; easy to clean.(5)Simple operation

Recommended for thermal insulation products

The advantages of the heat preservation dining car: (1) the delivery of food to the banquet hall; (2) ensuring the temperature, color, and taste of the food; (3) safe and reliable delivery; (4) good heat preservation effect;(5)Protect the health of food

Western fast food products are recommended

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