6-Tray Combi Oven

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It is fully made of stainless steel; the chamber adopts fillets at all sides to avoid being contaminated by wastes and to ensure easy cleaning.
It adopts high-efficiency heating tubes, ensuring fast warming speed; the 3 common modes could be easily switched.
The needle mode enables controlling of the food temperature and the moisture removing function ensures better baked food.
The spraying function generates steam, reducing problems of scale; the machine is equipped with 2 doors double lock, protecting users from being hurt by gushing steam.
The knobs could be steplessly adjusted, enabling easy and flexible operation.

Model: JO-E-E61

Temperature range: 25-250 degrees centigrade

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Power: 11.5-12.5 kw

Capacity: 6 GN1/1 "basin"

Specifications: 910x820x900 mm

bore size: 440x545x580mm,

height of each layer: 67mm.

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