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Electric dishwasher Features:
1.Easy to operate, reducing the training need.
2.High brightness LED temperature display, so that the rinsing and spraying temperature can be Visible.
3.Upward sloping human oriented operation interface which is easy to operate and observe
4.Thermostat function to ensure the spraying temperature (when the spraying temperature reaches 82℃,the spraying program will start)
5.The upper and lower washing arms rotate flexibly, improving the contact area of tableware/dishes and water flow.
6.Unique Nozzle Fan nozzle, jet force of sieve section water flow, ensure the rising effect
7.Double-layer structure door, reducing the loss of energy and noise ,ensure the operation environment more comfort
8.Electromechanical control to reduce the maintenance cost.
9.The electrical specification can be changed from 3N into 1N easily to apply to all kinds of application condition

Product model:DW-U-E40

Product specification:575x602x796

Loading height:315.5

The washing cycle:90s/277s

The size of the washing basket can be accommodated.:500x500mm

Cleaning temperature:55-60℃

Spray temperature:82-90℃

Basket water consumption:2.6L

Water tank capacity:23L

Cleaning pump power:0.38KW

Tank heating power:2KW

Boiler heating power:7.5KW(380V/50Hz/3N~)


Distribution of:8KW (380V/50Hz/3N~)


The net weight:53hg

*Continuous washing capacity: when water temperature is 20 ℃. When the water inlet temperature is low, the continuous washing volume will decrease accordingly.



Install the connection parameters.

The water

Pipe diameter:G3/4’’

The length of the:2000mm

Feed water pressure:1.5-2.58bar

Feed water flow:180L/hr

The water temperature:10-60℃


Pipe diameter:内DN20/外DN25

The leakage length:1500mm

Maximum drainage height:60mm

The power supply connection

The power supply parameters:380V/50Hz/3N~ 220V/50Hz/1N~

Total power/current:8KW/14.5A 3KW/14.5A

The power cord length:4mm²

The power cord length:1500mm

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Conveyor Dishwasher DW-BE-ML200-A