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Just a single insulation dining DH-11-5F features:

The natural ecological convection heating mode has fast heating up and constant heat preservation temperature.

The whole cabinet body is made of stainless steel, simple and elegant, smooth and smooth, with beautiful color and stain resistance.

Temperature and humidity control technology, temperature and humidity accurately adjustable, according to the requirements of different foods, adjust to the best temperature and humidity, prolong food preservation and storage time.

Large capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and convenient transportation.

Just a single insulation dining DH-11-5F three views:

Product Name: just a single insulation dining car

Product model: DH-11-5F

Product power: 2.62KW

Product voltage: 220-240V

Temperature range: 20-120 degrees centigrade

Net weight: 136KG

Product specification: 790x975x1350 mm bore size: 540x680x940 mm, height of each layer: 160 mm.

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