Conveyor Dishwasher DW-BE-ML200-A

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Conveyor Dishwasher Features

1.Two thermostats, for washing and rinsing, make it decontaminated thoroughly and more sterilized.
2.Patented spray arm design, improving the contact area of tableware/dishes and water flow, free of spraying dead corner.
3.Patented handle, easy to pull, achieving easy and smooth opening and closing, reduce the labor intensity.
4.Magnetic switch, preventing injury caused by sudden door opening with high temperature, ensure the staff security.

Product name:Conveyor Dishwasher

Product model:DW-BE-ML200-A

Product specification:1105x770x1450 mm

Washing basket specification:500x500 mm

Washing ability:200筐/小时

Product power:41 KW

Rinse temperature:55-65 ℃

Rinse temperature:82-90 ℃

Rinse water consumption.:350 升/小时(L/H)

Working voltage:380 V

Rated frequency:50 Hz

Supply pressure:0.08-0.12 Mpa

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Conveyor Dishwasher
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